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Welcome to McDonalds Near Me.  This page is devoted to my favorite restaurant – McDonald’s!  I created this page because I love McDonald’s so much and I wanted a site where people like me could post a video or a testimonial about McDonalds and their favorite McDonald’s meal.  I personally like the McDonald’s Filet O Fish, but I like to wait for the 2 for 5 special and get 2 Filet O Fishes, remove one of the buns and make a Double Filet O Fish!  Soon I will be posting a video at a McDonald’s Near Me featuring myself and my favorite sandwich.  Until then, feel free to send testimonials and short (appropriate) videos about yourself and your favorite McDonald’s meal.  We will post some of the more interesting submissions to the site and the winner will get a $100 dollar McDonald’s gift card and instant notoriety.  Here is a link to the McDonald’s Restaurant Locator, since you are obviously trying to find out where a McDonald’s near you is.

Click Here To Find A McDonald’s

Send submissions to admin@mcdonaldsnearme.com.  The winner will be announced on this site on December 25 – and you will be notified by email.  If you’d like a personal call, leave your phone number in your email.